How to cut costs on the fuel bill

With summer just around the corner, you might be spending a bit more time thinking about your summer holidays – or even just a few weekend getaways. Here are some fuel-saving tips to help you go the distance.

Drive evenly

It’s not just about sticking to the speed limit; driving evenly – less accelerating and less braking – is better for your fuel economy. Cars tend to use more gas when accelerating, so if you can maintain a consistent speed, your car will reward you with more kilometres to the litre.

However, sticking to the speed limit not only saves you from speeding tickets, but the AA estimates that driving at 100 kilometres per hour instead of 110 will shave about 13% off your fuel consumption. So set the cruise control and save money on the open road.

Keep your windows down around town

Whether you’re stuck in traffic or keeping the speed down in the school zones, when you’re not on the open road, you can save on fuel costs by using the open window rather than the air con.

Due to the low speeds, the open window won’t create ‘drag’ – but don’t try it on the motorway or you may be watching the fuel gauge dropping.

How to cut costs on the fuel bill

Keep your tyres pumped

Soft tyres create more drag, which in turn causes, you guessed it: higher fuel consumption.

All tyres have a recommended psi rating; check your tyres frequently and keep them at the recommended level to reduce the drag on your wallet. Be careful not to over-inflate your tyres though; it could end up costing you more in new tyres than you save in petrol.

Don’t cut corners

Make the most of the road’s camber. Petrol is consumed most when your car is accelerating or going up hills. To balance out the extra fuel consumption, take your foot off the accelerator when going downhill, and let gravity give you your momentum and keep your fuel gauge level.

The same goes when you know you’ll need to stop soon, for example at an upcoming traffic light. By taking your foot off the pedal, not only you’ll save some petrol but you’ll also use the brakes for a much shorter amount of time – which may extend their life.

Fill up for less

Petrol companies run promotions, and many of them have an arrangement with grocery stores. Check out who your main grocery store has an arrangement with and use your discount voucher to fill up there. It might only be a couple of dollars each time – but if you fill up weekly, that could work out to be a free tank of gas each year – and an extra weekend on the road over summer.

The proximity to cut price petrol retailers can also make a difference to the pump price at major suppliers. Before you fill up, do a bit of research, or use an app such as Gaspy, to make sure you’re not paying more than you would be down the road.

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