How to know when it’s time to replace your car

No matter what stage of your life, the car you drive often comes with some fond memories and experiences. Whether it is your first car, the car you had an epic summer road trip in or the car you taught your child to drive in, it can be hard to let go of a car you are attached to.

But, no matter the reason you want to hold on, here are some reasons why it might be time to move on to the next car to make memories with.

Costs are creeping up

The price of petrol has risen in recent years, particularly if you’re affected by Auckland’s regional fuel tax, or the costs of getting petrol to regional areas.

Perhaps you need to travel a lot more now, and the costs of keeping the V8 full are higher than ever, or maybe parts are harder to come by for your old model.

If you are finding it hard to keep up with the costs of petrol, or ongoing maintenance costs, it may be time to find a car that is easier on the wallet.

Fewer safety features

As with all things, research and technology can quickly make existing models obsolete, or ‘just not as good.’ While new cars come with mod cons such as Bluetooth and reversing cameras, there’s something else even more important that they come with: better safety features.

While at some time you might have thought that your old school Holden Kingswood was as safe as a tank in an accident, it didn’t come with in-built safety features like airbags and side air cushions offered in a newer vehicle. Modern cars, unlike older ones, are also designed with crumple zones that redirect forces away from the driver and passengers, making the safer in an accident – so if yours is lacking in features to keep you and your loved ones safe, it’s probably time to upgrade to one that does.

It needs a lot of repairs

No matter how well you look after and maintain your car, it’s inevitable that the parts that keep it going will eventually wear out with time and use. While you probably expect that tires and windscreen wipers need regular replacing, what about the parts you can’t see?

While your mechanic will complete regular services and let you know what needs replacing, when your car spends more time off the road than on it, or the costs of repairs and replacement parts are adding up to a fair percentage of your vehicles value, it might be time to trade up for a car that has more miles to go before needing expensive repairs.

How to know when its time to replace your car

You need bench seats rather than bucket seats

While you may have enjoyed the wind in your hair with the top down on a road trip, a convertible may mean less room for the car seats when your family grows, or for the golden retriever if you have fur babies.
Or as your lifestyle changes, your car needs to change with you. If you decide boating and fishing on your weekends is your idea of bliss, a 4-wheel drive is probably better for towing the boat than your well-loved Datsun.

You’re thinking about the environment.

With the Government looking to bring in incentives for hybrid or electric vehicles, you might be considering the eco-friendliness of your current vehicle. If the time is right for you to upgrade your vehicle, it may be cheaper both initially and over time, to move from a petrol-powered vehicle to more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Even if you’re still not convinced about an electric or hybrid, older cars tend to produce more emissions, so even upgrading to a newer vehicle is likely to be more environmentally friendly.

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