Top things to look for in a family car

With a new addition to the family, or perhaps just the existing family growing up, is it time to look at buying a new family car? In addition to some of the mod cons that can make your trip more enjoyable, you’ll also want to look out for the latest safety features. Here are some things to look out for, sourced from Rightcar.


Lighting systems

Having an efficient lighting system is an important safety feature, as it allows you to see and be seen in the dark.

Plus, most new vehicles come with ‘emergency brake lighting systems’ – which means your lights flash if you have to hit the brakes all of a sudden. If you’re looking for a good family car, this feature can significantly reduce your chances of being rear-ended by a vehicle behind you.

Top things to look for in a family car

Blind spot monitoring

Have you ever gone to change lanes and then saw a car in your blind spot, right at the last minute? Many accidents and near misses have occurred because of lack of visibility of cars.

With blind spot monitoring, you can rely on your car to let you know if there is a vehicle close by that you cannot see. Many vehicles have a little car symbol on the wing mirror, that starts to flash when a close vehicle is detected. It may also let off a beeping noise, in case you are not looking at your external rear vision mirror at the time.

Electronic stability control

If you have ever been in a situation where your car starts to skid, perhaps because of gravel roads or wet surfaces, you know how hard it can be to bring the car back under control. New technology such as electronic stability control detects when the vehicle may be starting to lose control, and will automatically apply brakes. This important feature can significantly reduce your chances of a crash; a must-have if you like to head off up the mountain over winter.


Of course, while safety features are important for your family, what about some features that make your road trip more pleasurable? According to Gearpatrol, these are some of the latest must-have features for family-friendly cars.

Voice enhancement

No more yelling to make yourself heard in the third row back of your family SUV; voice enhancement provides a microphone by the driver’s seat, allowing your voice to be heard clearly through the speakers positioned throughout the door.

For those bigger family cars, having the microphone and speaker system can lead to a much quieter trip and more enjoyable family adventures.

In-car wi-fi

While it might be nice for your family to be looking at the scenery rather than their devices, what better way to keep your loved ones entertained on a long journey than being able to plug in and watch a movie?

And as a driver, while you keep your eyes on the road, you can use in-car wi-fi to get a stronger signal for your navigational tools, even in remote areas.

Inbuilt vacuums

Lastly, let’s talk about inbuilt vacuums – for all those pastry flakes and chip crumbs that fall down into those hard to reach places. Now it’s easier than ever to keep your new car sparkling clean, and still be able to eat on the road.

With so many great features available in new cars, how will you decide which new car is right for your family?

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