Your Guide to having a classic Kiwi Summer

Your Guide to having a classic Kiwi Summer

Ah, the sweet anticipation of a Kiwi summer adventure! As you sift through your travel packing checklist, don't forget to throw in a little extra something – your very own Kiwi Summer toolbox. Packed with helpful, interesting, and downright quirky links, this toolbox is your key to making the most of the season. Let's peel back the wrapping and see what treasures are inside.

Heading to the Beach?

First things first – safety. Whether you're a seasoned surfer or a sandcastle enthusiast, is your go-to. Check out the weather forecast, patrol hours, and potential hazards at your chosen beach. Dive into details about the beach's suitability for family outings, swimming, surfing, and even fishing. Because a day at the beach should be all about fun in the sun, not unexpected surprises.

Planning to Light a Fire?

If your summer plans involve a bonfire or a barbecue, play it safe with Fire Emergency NZ's three-step tool. Just select your activity, time, and location, and get tips on reducing fire risks. Because nothing dampens a good time like an out-of-control fire – better safe than sorry. 

Going on a Hike?

For those craving the great outdoors, follow the Land Safety Code's five golden rules. And for a little extra guidance, the NZ Mountain Safety Council has your back with the Plan My Walk app. From weather forecasts to track-specific alerts and interactive gear lists, it's a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. Need a bit more inspiration? The AIITrails app lets you scout out hiking tracks before you lace up your boots.

For Nature-Lovers

If your idea of summer bliss involves communing with nature, there's an app for that. iNaturalist, a global 'social network' for biodiversity enthusiasts, helps you identify plants and animals. Not just a handy identifier, it's a community of nature lovers ready to share their knowledge. And for the bird watchers, New Zealand Birds Online and Bird Nerd NZ are your digital guides to our feathered friends.

Are You a Happy Camper?

Camping more your style? Wikicamps is a comprehensive app for campers, offering downloadable maps for offline use – no signal, no problem! Rankers' Camping NZ, and CamperMate are equally fantastic alternatives, loaded with information about individual campsites. If you fancy a more personal touch, try Campable – it's like Airbnb, but for camping and motorhome sites.

Not Quite Sure Where to Go Next?

Feeling a bit lost in your summer wanderlust? has a list of 255 (yes, you read that right) things to do around the country. Some are tourist classics, while others are hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Keep Sun Safety Top-of-Mind

While you're out chasing adventure, don't forget the basics – slip, slop, slap, and wrap. The UVNZ app is your trusty companion, helping you monitor the UV index and calculate safe sun exposure, ensuring your summer glow is all about the good times and not the sunburn.

Now that your Kiwi Summer toolbox is fully equipped, go out there and make this summer one for the books. Whether you're diving into the waves, hiking through nature's wonders, or simply enjoying a lazy day at the campsite, these tools are your ticket to a season filled with sunshine and memories. So, slip on those jandals, grab your toothbrush, and let the summer adventures begin!


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